A Very Sweary Dictionary – Out Now!

Hello there!

Do you like swear words? Or do you hate swear words, because you have to edit them and you’re never quite sure what to do with them?

If either of those things are true, then you might want to buy the little book I’ve written. It’s called A VERY SWEARY DICTIONARY, and it’s a dictionary that’s very sweary. Or more accurately, it’s a style guide of swearing.

You see, some of my clients like to swear. A lot. And because my job as their editor is to ensure correctness and consistency in all their words, even the rude ones, I fairly quickly established my own set of rules for how to style things like “rat-arsed” and “batshit”. Then, because I spend far too much time on social media, I developed a reputation in online editorial circles for being a good person to go to when it comes to all things sweary. One fellow editor even dubbed me the Empress of Sweary, which I would quite like on my tombstone.

And so, I’ve written a book. It’s a very small book – it fits handily in your pocket, should you need to carry a pocketful of profanity with you everywhere you go. It outlines my style choices for the most commonly found compound swears and other terms for which such decisions might need to be made, and also looks at the general principles behind those choices, so that when your client decides to call someone, say, a “tiny-bollocked arsebiscuit”, you can feel confident you know what to do with that.

I hope you enjoy it.

Available in paperback from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon CA

(among other global Amazon sites)

Barnes and Noble (US)

Waterstones (UK)

Or you may be able to order it through your local independent bookseller.

And in ebook on the Zon.

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