Manuscript Critiques

What if you know your manuscript isn’t ready for line editing just yet, but you don’t want a substantive edit? Maybe you’re confident in your own ability to self-edit and just need a little bit of guidance about what to focus on. Or maybe you love the idea of a substantive edit, but your budget just won’t stretch to that. If that’s the case, a manuscript critique might be just what you need.

I will read your whole manuscript and provide you with an editorial report (usually around 10–15 pages long) which discusses big-picture elements of your storytelling, such as plot, structure, pacing, characterization, style, voice, and point of view. I’ll point out what works and what could do with a little more attention. You’ll end up with an honest, unbiased, professional opinion of your work that includes suggestions and ideas for how to develop it further.

Critiques are priced at £450 ($580) for manuscripts from 60,000–100,000 words (please contact me for a quote for word counts outside that range).

‘I was not expecting to receive such a detailed critique so quickly. [It] was helpful, detailed and exceedingly thorough. I would recommend Kia’s service to any writer!’ – Elizabeth Grey, author