New Year, New Resolution

I’ve broken my New Year’s resolution, which was to stop making New Year’s resolutions, because I always break them. My resolution-breaking resolution is this: in 2020, I’m going to stop breaking my resolutions.

Confused yet? I know. Give me a minute.

This year, I need to make my business grow. It has been growing, over the past four years since I started on this path, but this year I need to put even more effort into that, because my family’s circumstances are changing a little (Mr Kia Thomas Editing, or Mr Thomas, as he could more sensibly be called, has a new job), and also because when you have a business, that’s the kind of thing you really need to be doing.

And to make my business grow, I need to stop breaking the promises I make to myself. My work with a business coach in the second half of last year taught me a lot, about running a business and about myself, far more than I could ever hope to encapsulate in a blog post (although I’ll try to write about some of it over the next few months). One of those things is that it’s no good saying I want to do something, or even that I’m going to do something, if I don’t actually do it. (I know most people don’t have to spend money on a business coach to figure that out, but I am not most people.)

That’s why I’m writing this blog post – I promised myself I would blog this week, and it’s almost 7 p.m. on Friday evening and I have not yet done it (although I obviously will have, by the time you read this.) I don’t want to start my first business week of a new decade with a broken promise.

Is this the best blog post in the world? Fuck no. Is it something anyone else needs or wants to read? Maybe not? Is it valuable content to my potential customers? Doubtful. But to me, it is something bigger than that – it is a promise kept. May it be the first of many this year.

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